Consult With an Experienced Tampa, FL Attorney to Draft Your Will

Tampa, Florida, is a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family and retire. However, without a properly researched and executed estate plan, Florida is a not a good place to die if you wish to preserve your assets, minimize costs for your estate and leave a lasting gift for the next generation.

It is crucial to have a last will and testament in order to streamline the probate process, ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes and name a guardian for minor children. At Drummond Wehle Yonge LLP, our lawyers can make sure you have a will and provide you with personalized recommendations for building a comprehensive estate plan.

A Will Is Only Part Of A Complete Estate Plan

We have extensive experience handling estate planning as well as the probate and administration processes that occur once a person dies. We highly recommend that a will not be the only disposition document you employ in achieving your goals.

For most of our clients, we recommend having a pour-over will in addition to a trust. In this scenario, the will serves the purpose of transferring any assets that are not already a part of your trust into the trust upon your death.

Our team of attorneys, which includes a licensed CPA, can advise you on all of your options for minimizing exposure to taxes and maximizing the legacy you can leave to the next generation. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation.