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If you've been named in a loved one's will or trust, count on Drummond Wehle Yonge LLP for probate and trust administration services in Tampa, Florida. We'll work with you every step of the way to make sure the will or trust is administered properly.

We can also help you probate a will or administer a trust that was created in a different state. Call us today to speak with a probate lawyer in Tampa, FL about will or trust administration.

What's the difference between wills and trusts?

What's the difference between wills and trusts?

When a loved one passes away, you might be specified in a will or trust as a beneficiary of their estate. But what makes wills and trusts different? A will has to be probated-the distribution of assets is overseen by the court. A trust doesn't require probate, and trusts are usually more comprehensive and straightforward.

You need a compassionate and experienced attorney to help you with probate administration. Drummond Wehle Yonge LLP will work hard to make the probate process as stress-free as possible. We can help you validate a will and prepare the probate administration paperwork.

If your loved one established a trust, call Drummond Wehle Yonge LLP-we can also assist with trust administration. We'll work to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.