Make Sure Your Loved Ones Rest in Peace

Get Help With Probate Litigation in Tampa, FL

Losing a family member is hard, but being forced into a legal battle over their assets can make the situation even worse. Ease the burden by hiring a probate lawyer to assist with distributing your loved one's estate. Probate litigation is the process of challenging a provision of the Last Will and Testament, a codicil to the Last Will and Testament, the appointment of the personal representative, or the entire contents of the Last Will and Testament.

Drummond Wehle Yonge LLP will review all documents drafted by the deceased to make sure that their affairs are attended to appropriately. Our attorneys will represent you if any disputes arise and handle negotiations on your behalf. Contact our firm today for help with probate litigation in Tampa, FL.

Hire a probate litigation attorney in Tampa, FL

Hire a probate litigation attorney in Tampa, FL

Drummond Wehle Yonge LLP is one of the Tampa area's leading probate firms. Our attorneys can guide you through the probate process and will:

  • Talk you through the entire process
  • Interpret ambiguous wording in a will
  • Negotiate property disputes

Learn more about how we can help with your probate in Tampa, FL by scheduling an initial consultation today!