Gain a Guide for the Probate Process

Hire an Experience Probate Law Firm in Tampa, FL

In Florida, there are two main ways to probate an estate: formal administration and summary administration. Summary administration is used when a decedent's assets are less than $75,000. Formal administration is applicable in all other cases.

If you've been named the executor of your loved one's trust, call Drummond Wehle Yonge LLP for probate assistance. Attorney Freeman can assist with numerous areas of probate law in Tampa, Florida.

Get through the probate process as quickly as possible

Get through the probate process as quickly as possible

Every probate case is different. Drummond Wehle Yonge LLP will treat your case accordingly. Bring in all valid documents and records to our initial meeting. We'll take a close look at the decedent's assets and their collective value, and work together to make an informed decision. In addition to probate law, our firm also handles...

  • Trust Administration
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Planning & Formation
  • Federal & State Tax Issues

...and more! A contested will can lead to ugly fights with your family members. Don't create rifts in your family and further delay the probate process. We can help you resolve your will and estate disputes, oftentimes without stepping foot in a courtroom. Schedule your free initial consultation today so our team can make the probate process as smooth and peaceful as possible.